Nouvelles de Moroieni

4 Juil

The organizers of the 2012 Camp (the women from Romenia) visit last week the location of the camp, Moroieni.  They send us some news:

The camp is is close to the street in a small village, there is a small store, a market in the center of the village and also a pharmacy.
We discussed with the administrator of the location and a few other locals and we will buy some of the food from them (milk and eggs). There aren’t many vegetables in the area but there is a market where producers from the county come to sell on weekends, so we will probably buy most of the things that we need from them.

We also discussed the possibility of having two local women helping us in the kitchen (for lunch and dinner). This is a touristic area so most of the women work as cooks for the local guest houses. We will see if we have enough money to pay them to do that.

We will also talk to the mayor of the village and try to make a partnership with the city hall for the camp, they are really nice and excited that this is going to happen there and think that it will be good publicity for the village. We were thinking to make a concert (we have to see if that fits in the budget also) and maybe ask them to have it at the community cultural center. We will also discuss with the local police just to make sure that we and our belongings will be secure during the camp.

The best part about the location is that it is really close to the Bucegi mountains, the Ialomitei cave (aprox 30 km). We hope we will have time to organize a trip around. The administrator from the place told us that we could find horse driven carriages to take us there. That will be really nice I think, experiencing a bit of the way of living in the countryside in Romania.

The place still needs some cleaning and they will have it all done by the time of the camp. They will cut the grass in the yard, where we will install our tents. They will also make sure that we have access to electricity in the yard.

The place has two small camping houses and two bigger buildings, 18 beds in total, 6 baths and two outdoor showers. We will see if we need all that, Laura is going to talk to them to get a price for renting the whole compound. The total surface is not that big (2800 square meters for the whole compound) but we have a contact from a lady across the street with a big and nice yard and we talked to her about setting up a few tents there also in case we run out of space. We have to negotiate a price so this is not final yet.

There is an outdoor wire for drying clothes and we will buy detergent and soap (maybe locally produced also). The place has two equipped kitchens (including 2 microwaves) and 3 fridges.

What we have to do next is to gather volunteers for the preparation, make a list of everything we need.


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